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Some of Our Prestigious Clients. Robert Redford. We will guide you the best of our knowledge for achieving maximum success in your life. By Expert Astrologer. When will I get new job? When will I be transferred to my hometown? When will I get job? Whether new job will be better for me? When I will be promoted or any chances of promotion? Shall I wait for promotion in this job or change the job?

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Shall I do business or job? Should I switch from job to business? My business is not running well, what should I do? Does partnership suits me or not?

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When will I get job in overseas? Will it be beneficial? Which profession is good for me? Will I get govt. I am not satisfied in current job, when will I get a better job?

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When my business will run smoothly? Will this project or venture or business give good return? Will I be able to clear my interview or not? Any luck in politics? Finance You can ask your question related to finance 1. When will I be able to pay back the loan? Shall I take loan or not? When will I be able to recover my money? Will I get parental property? If I give loan to someone will I be able to recover from him?

When will I become a millionaire or billionaire? When will I be able to earn more money and when? Will I be able to purchase a property? Will I get loan on property? Will I get loan to purchase property and will I be able to repay it? Will I be able to purchase car I desire? Marriage You can ask your question related to Marriage If marriages are made in heaven then why they break here on Earth?

We will help you find the answers 1. When will I get married?

Will I marry a foreigner or not? Will I marry the person I love? My marriage will be arranged marriage or love marriage? Will my life partner love me? My life partner is committed to me or not? Will I have good married life? Will I be able to resolve my problems with my life partner? When will I be able to reconcile with my life partner? When will I get divorce? When will I remarry? Will I be able to get custody of my child? Will I be able to marry with the person I love? Will I have love marriage or arranged marriage? When will I find my soul mate?

This combination generally makes good lawyers, advocates, judges, jurists, legislators, lawmaker, qualified accountants, appraisers, arbitrators, jewellers, goldsmiths, artisans for making ornaments and decorative items of gold and silver, village Pradhans or Panchayat Pradhans or Pradhans of castes and communities. These individuals are normally good looking with impressive personality, vehement argumentators, stubborn while accepting defeat in any debate or argument or confrontation with opponent on public stage.

Whether men or women, these individuals are fond of wearing jewellery and presenting themselves in decorative dress. They are fond of being in constant touch with and being publicly seen with important political or social personalities. They are not religiously committed to tell only the truth and nothing but truth.

They are more interested in self-interest or in the interest of people towards whom they stand committed. If Saturn or Rahu is in the 10 th or 11 th house, these individuals would not hesitate to create false evidence, present false witnesses and go to the extent of forgery. If this combination in the 1 st house is in Cancer, Aries or Sagittarius, there are strong chances of these individuals joining the judicial services, and with the support of other stars, they have chances of rising to the High court or even to the Supreme court.

If Pisces be in the Ascendant, Sun and Jupiter together in the 1 st house can take the individual to an International organisation or Commonwealth Secretariat or any similar or allied formation. This combination can take the individual to a legislative body, like Parliament, Senate, Provincial Assembly, university court, Election Commission, and Consumer Grievances Redressal Court by nomination method.

In some cases if the 10 th or 11 th house has the support of Mars, rise of the individual can be through election process. If Sun with Jupiter be in the 1 st house and Saturn or Mars be in the 12 th house, the individual might be subjected to an enquiry or investigations for deeds and decisions of commission and omission, and is likely to suffer disgrace.

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These individuals are given to irritation and anger, cause or no cause, sometimes between self and spouse, without leading to failure of marriage just keep pulling on sweetly and sourly! They very often try to prove unapproachability of self, specially when in position of power or prestige, though tactful people penetrate into the fortress of their unapproachability.

These individuals do not hesitate in speaking evil of A in the presence of B or C and speaking evil of B or C in the presence of A. Another bad habit generally found in these individuals is that they criticise or speak evil of A or B or C, in the name of such other. If ever confrontation takes place, these individuals do not express regret, but make an excuse that they quoted a wrong person, while they actually intended to quote someone else!

Because they are given to irritation and anger rather quickly and easily, they are fickle minded, not hesitant to indulge in wrong deeds. However, one commendable point about them is that they are equally at ease in the company of high placed dignitaries and lower-placed workers, labourers and those in menial jobs. So much so that to show a kind of outer affinity with those lower placed people, these individuals join them in eating, drinking not alcohol, but other beverages, cold drinks , in games and sports.

Thus these individuals prove very useful in gathering crowds for rallies, processions, meetings, electioneering, and what not! They do desire their price for these acts and activities, but that price is not exorbitant, just within reason. Health-wise, Mars and Sun in the 1 st are capable of giving headache, weak eyesight, eye trouble now and then, ailment or disorder of the middle parts of the body.

They also give fluctuating blood pressure, complaints of menstrual system , and uneven teeth or trouble with teeth even at a young age or in childhood itself. If the complaints of fluctuating blood pressure become more frequent, chances of heart trouble are also there for the individual. These individuals are devoted and faithful servants, subordinates and employees, and if they are masters, inspite of their anger, irritation and abusive language, they prove to be considerate masters or employers or superiors. Another speciality of Mars being in conjunction with Sun in the 1 st house is that it removes that touch of internal hidden timidity from the individual, and gives a sense of boldness and bravery.

Another bad habit generally found in these individuals is that they criticise or speak evil of A or B or C, in the name of such other person who is not present there, going to the extent of quoting imaginary words of that other person.

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This individual is reserved by nature, somewhat secretive too, observing more and talking less, hesitant to express own ideas and thoughts very openly, nourishing unfulfilled desires and ambitions, and might sometimes suffer from insomnia. These results are valid if Sun is ahead of Moon in terms of degrees.

If however Moon is ahead of Sun in terms of degrees, the individual would work hard for fulfilment of desires and ambitions of self or spouse, would not disclose own mind and often would try to read the mind of others, is over-desirous of foreign travel. Some of these individuals, specially with a Rasi owned by Mars or Saturn in the 1 st house, are used by their own governments or by government of a hostile country to work as a spy in a country different to that of their birth.

If Moon is ahead of Sun in terms of degrees, these individuals have a firm mind, unwavering in decisions, reflecting a positive stand in talks and discussions ; and they rarely change their statements and versions, even where monetary or other gains are involved. They do not mind remaining in middle or even lower strata of financial status.