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Couples should also expect dramatic transformations with little held back.

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You often feel the need to meddle in family matters. Either carefully think things through, or defer said business to the rightful individuals. Upside: a confident Jupiter lends a financial flavour to the week. Mars, too, offers extra cash flow.

Finally, this week allows hard working Taureans to rest. As a result, you may have much more time for family and friends, and an unusually high tolerance level. Enjoy the give and take of life. Time out, Gemini.

Carefully think through alternatives that will benefit you and loved ones. You may be feeling the urge to abandon once-meaningful plans. Remember that you, and only you, must live with your own choices.

The cards have spoken.

There are times when we experience loss or significant change in our lives. If this is your current reality, try to see this as just one more of life's experiences.

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In life, we often find that everything happens for a reason. Remember, without endings, there can be no new beginnings. It may be hard to keep your feet on the ground when all of your senses are flying sky high. Promotions, more money, new clients, landing a dream job or turning a long-time hobby into a money-spinner are all real possibilities.

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End result? A much happier you!

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Suffering from stress or struggle? Such action can backfire and, in turn, add to more tension. Breathe; stretch; look at the sky. Enjoy yourself more, Virgo. Balance is the answer - both in work and play. The cosmos is fully aware of your professional merits and now helps to promote them. Geminis have charm and confidence, and this week your immaculate sense of timing also helps to create success.

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Next, your words and actions ensure that you deliver the goods. Someone new also makes a massive impact on you; with flirtation possibly leading to love.

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A mixed week. This is no time to give competitors the edge, nor should you take a leap of faith. Despite your impatience to move on, the cosmos discourages hurry. Life turns in cycles, and less-than-desirable circumstances must eventually be replaced by good fortune. You have the determination. You have the confidence but best of all - you now have the gift of the gab. Most Leos will make positive changes. Expect guarded progress, Virgo. While your love life is on the improve, there are still some loose ends that need tidying.

Be there for loved ones if they need you. This week is all about your ability to support, without judgment. A tricky week, as you find it difficult to settle. You start one project, then you get restless and switch to something else….. Let your ideas simmer for a few days. This week, though, life could become a tad more difficult.

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Use this time to push your ideas and projects up a notch. Get one step ahead of the rest.

Your Monthly Horoscope: July 12222

When happiness takes a sabbatical, you need to delve a little deeper to search for contentment. This is also more a time for giving rather than taking. Flexibility is usually the Aquarian key to survival, but not so this week. Retaliate with kindness, instead. Pisceans absorb energies so easily.