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Although Leo is the quintessential sign of creative self-expression, I find it difficult to see that too much progress in terms of international policies may be accomplished during the first nine days of Leo July as all the major planets Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto as well as Mercury are retrograde. Even then negotiations and actions will tend to be sluggish until the 12 th of the month when Jupiter and Uranus turn direct.

We should also keep in mind that Jupiter is at 14 degrees of Sagittarius for the entire month of the Lion while Saturn remains at degrees of Capricorn. I therefore see this set of transits as being rather difficult and stressful in terms of moving ahead with plans and projects involving inter national politics and policies. Yes, babies! Children born during the first 8 days of Leo, will have 6 planets retrograde including Mercury in their natal chart.

These are not your bold lions and lionesses; these are much more sensitive lion cubs holding a great deal of understanding about life within them, just waiting for the right moments and opportunities to show off their inner potency to the world. Their roars can be as loud as Leos without the majority of their planets retrograde, they will just be more selective as to when, where, how and with whom, such roars are to be voiced.

July Mercury retrogrades between 27 and 24 degrees of Cancer. Where do these degrees fall in your horoscope? July Mercury retrograde is conjunct Venus direct at degrees of Cancer. Is there something left unsaid between you and someone close to you perhaps a family member? Is there some financial situation that needs to be rebalanced? Perhaps a love letter that needs to be written or answered?

These situations may all be described by this conjunction. Look to the transiting house position to give you more insight into the circumstances surrounding this need for interpersonal communication. July Venus enters Leo on the 28 th at Venus enjoys visiting the passionately romantic sign of Leo. It is here that she may also express her artistic nature as well as find pleasant moment to play with children. The square between the Sun and Uranus can prove to be very tense.

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From the equator north, temperatures as well tempers in both hemispheres! On a more positive note, knowing how to harness this energy can lead to inventiveness and a high degree of creative self-expression. I have natal Pluto at 6 Leo sextile Uranus at 6 Gemini, trine and sextile the Sun at 8 Aries and expect that these two days will prove very interesting in terms of creative urges and endeavors. August 1: Mercury turns direct at Please keep in mind that if you have for example, Virgo or Gemini rising, when Mercury goes retrograde, so do you!

If you have Aries or Scorpio rising for example, the transiting signs of Mars as well as the transiting aspects Mars makes to the other planets in the sky as well as to your natal chart, of course have definite meaning for the individual. As for the New Moon, find the natal house position where this takes place as that house will be strongly activated until the next New Moon.

In the northern hemisphere temperatures climb in August and having a bunch of planets in Leo will stimulate the flames. Basically, these are days for fun in the summer sun or cuddling in the New Zealand and Australian winter! Wherever you may be, enjoy the potential for a good time that these transits bring. You may be quite fortunate at this time if 14 of the fiery signs especially Aries figure prominently in your chart. In terms of the northern hemisphere where natural temperatures will be high and most likely higher than in many previous years due to global warming , the occupation of the fiery signs by the Sun and four planets heats up the collective consciousness, leading to conflicts of ego and flaring tempers.

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Actual physical fires are of course quite possible just due to the natural conditions of a super-hot August summer. This combination is obviously very artistic as well as romantic. Although I feel that many people will be overly stimulated by the fiery content of these days or just simply physically uncomfortable in the heat! This square takes place in the fixed signs, so it is easy to see how there may be many simultaneous ideas but a resistance to taking any action, resulting in stress.

If 5 to 7 degrees of the fixed signs are important in your chart, especially if natal Mercury, Mars, or Uranus is in any of these positions , I would carefully plan traveling, making sure of my route. In general these are good days for travel and study. This would be especially the case if 13 to 15 degrees of the fiery signs were prominent in the natal chart. I believe that this will be a very confusing time in the world.

Unfortunately, there is no great new news in that statement! This in my view will be especially the case during the latter portion of Gemini June 9 through 21 for reasons I will explain in detail. Sun, Mercury, and Mars also transit these degrees between the 13 th and 19 th of June with the Moon in these degrees in Sagittarius on June —so it will be quite a party—rather loud, and not the most pleasant of stellar gathering as I see it through my astrological lens.

The New Moon on June 3 rd at As we are an international group of readers in many time zones, with some of us on DST and many others like me not, GMT as our collective reference is thus fair to everyone. The lunar nodes relate to the collective consciousness of humanity. This is because they are points in space where the orbit of the Moon intersects with the ecliptic. The ecliptic is the orbit of the Earth as it moves around the Sun, although it appears that the Sun is revolving around the Earth. Well, so much for collective illusions and their imposition by the theological and political generational powers that be.

May Sun and Mercury travel very closely together between 0 and 9 degrees of Gemini. This will be a very busy few days in the world. If of Sagittarius, Virgo, or Pisces are important to you, such movements may conflict, confuse, or contradict one another. Slow down and objectify. FYI: Sun enters 0 Gemini at The signs and aspect between these two planets slows them down and converts their potential volatile nature into a focus of practical innovation especially in domestic and financial matters. Important positions in your natal chart at 3 to 5 degrees of Cancer, Pisces, Taurus, and Virgo will benefit the most from this transit.

This would not be my choice of dates to begin a trip, or buy tickets for one. It is also not a good day for the signing of contracts. This would be especially the case if 17 to 19 degrees of the mutable signs were at important placements in your natal map. As you can see Jupiter is transiting very close to its exact square to Neptune on June 16 th.

So a T-Square is in the making between these three planets, but the exact opposition is as state above, between Mercury and Jupiter. This means confused communication both on interpersonal levels as well as in terms of national and international travel. In essence, this would not be my choice of days to be either on the road or in the skies as delays and confusion are very likely. As for Venus trine Saturn, if you have 18 to 20 degrees of the earthy signs prominent, this could be a very good day for you professionally or financially.

Saturn and Pluto are closer in May and early June than they will be until December of this year. This proximity gives rise to very intense expression of power on both the Right and Left, Conservative and Liberal facets of society. Obviously this has led and will continue to lead into serious world conflicts. On the personal level, look for 19 to 23 degrees of Capricorn, Cancer, Libra, and Aries to point the way to where such life challenges and their opportunities for growth!

But in terms of June 2 nd and 3 rd and the earthy signs, today just may be the day for an extra scoop of gelato and never mind the cost! I like the positive combinations of Mercury and Uranus as they lead to innovating thinking and to very interesting conversations. Jupiter square Neptune in these signs leads to religious extremism and misplaced or exaggerated idealism.

Saturn sextile Neptune attempts to try to balance the ideal and the real, the aspirational and the more rational. All three of these planets are in their most powerful positions, i. So where does this leave the world and you dear readers with 17 to 19 degrees of the zodiac prominent in your natal horoscope? Well, not in such an easy place in my view. The square aspect is stronger than the sextile. This combination of planetary influences will be like trying to plug up holes in a net while the net continues to be woven. Extending this analogy further, this is like trying to create allowable areas for fishermen to fish while the fishermen themselves insist of fishing in the entire ocean without restraint.

I like these two words together for now just like in ages past, religious doctrines and political ambitious often hold hands and merge stimulating chaos in their path. Example: the meaning of these transits would be quite different to a person with 18 Sag rising or an 18 Sag Moon or an 18 Sag Sun, or these same positions at 18 Libra, etc.

Yet all would have the theme of being careful not to overly exaggerate and to harmonize idealism with a more practical sensitivity.

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June Venus enters Gemini on June 9 at 1. This will be a very confusing time in international relations as well as in international travel and travel in general. If I had a choice, I would not choose to travel on these days and should I do so, I would expect delays and other associated disruptions along the way. The collective emotional field is upset, feelings are exaggerated, and territoriality reigns. These will not be calm and serene hours in the world as the Moon will trigger squares to Mars, the Nodes, Saturn, and Pluto.

On a personal level, these degrees in the Cardinal signs will be especially sensitive. I would not plan to drive or travel, nor would I engage in conversations that require subtlety and diplomacy. I would also be as objective as possible to my inner dialogue. Please review what was written re June 9 to Mars vivifies the collective emotional body when trine to Neptune.

This can bring about a lot of active compassion in the world but it may also bring about certain power conflicts once he opposes Saturn and moves along to oppose Pluto a few days from now. These are obviously very stressful transits! We should note that the next pair of eclipses takes place in July in Cancer and Capricorn. They thus focus on issues of personal and national security, issues of which I will have more to say in the next edition of this newsletter. Hello everyone. Otherwise, please read on…. Transits have an orb of effect in their length of time through which the astrology student knows when and for how long a certain transit will be in effect.

The general rule for orbs that I use and there are exceptions—a topic for another month , is 1 degree or a bit more applying and a bit less than 1 degree for separating. Mars by transit would thus be effectively square the natal Sun from about This would normally take about 4 days. This means that instead of an influence lasting a matter of days, the transits of Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto can last from months to years!

Degrees influenced: in Sag by conjunction; these same degrees in Gemini by opposition; in Pisces and Virgo by square. If these degrees are in Aries or Leo, the effect is by trine and if in Aquarius or Libra, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Saturn: Station— Degrees influenced: in Capricorn by conjunction; these same degrees in Cancer by opposition; in Aries and Libra by square. If these degrees are in Taurus or Virgo, the effect is by trine and if in Scorpio or Pisces, the transiting aspect is a sextile.

Uranus: Station—2. Degrees influenced: in Taurus by conjunction, these same degrees in Scorpio by opposition; in Leo or Aquarius by square.

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If in Virgo or Capricorn, the effect is by trine and if in Pisces or Cancer, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Neptune: Station— Degrees influenced: in Pisces by conjunction; in Virgo by opposition; in Gemini or Sagittarius by square. If in Cancer or Scorpio, the effect is by trine and if in Taurus or Capricorn, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Degrees influenced: in Capricorn by conjunction; in Cancer by opposition; in Aries or Libra by square. If in Taurus or Virgo, the effect is by trine an if in Pisces or Scorpio, the transiting aspect is a sextile. Now that you have this information, what do you do with it?

Professionals and advanced students will already know hopefully! Here is a simple guide for the rest:. The ruler of the Celestial Bull is Venus and until May 15 th , she is in Aries so if there is more than just a hint of aggressiveness or assertiveness in relationships this month, you should be aware that the Love Goddess is wearing war paint instead of Revlon for her make-up. This is not much fun as such a contact will bring about very profound power struggles in terms of world politics and world economics much the same. With Pluto near-by at 23 Capricorn and Venus in Aries, conflicts in the global power structure are very likely.

Please refer to comments under April , and May to add to this scenario. You might wish to study the stations of Saturn and Pluto as given out earlier in this issue of Celestial Happenings to see if this transit affects you more personally. These degrees at the Ascendant are life-changing. You only get one go at the transit of Uranus conjunct your Ascendant in a life-time unless you happen to live much more than 84 years and by then the surprise of your life is that you have lived that long!

These degrees at the MC, will change the focus of your career. How and in what condition would require a close examination of the entire chart—but definite change, of that there will be no doubt! On the world scene, this conjunction comes at the same time as the transit of Saturn conjunct the South Node and the entry of Venus into Aries.

When all of these influences are put together, there is an opportunity for strong social demonstrations against existing economic conditions in various countries. I suggest we all stay steady as I do not see the first three weeks of April as being particularly smooth on the service of world events. Indeed, deep disturbances are likely to rise to that surface!

I am not seeing world war, let me be clear but I am certainly not seeing world peace! I am not a big fan of difficult aspects between Mars and Neptune and especially in these signs. From a Ray-centered orientation, this is a strong conflict in 6 th Ray energy fields. The 6 th Ray is concerned with religion and idealism and Mars square Neptune gives rise to such things as suicide bombers and kamikaze pilots, i. As politics these days has been practiced with religious fervor, I think that this aspect can give rise to political and well as religious idealism or great, harmful foolishness in recent years!

April Saturn turns retrograde at Although efforts at communicating will be present, there will be difficulty in reaching accords. Differences will outweigh mutual interests; national economic and political interests will outweigh global ones. On a personal level, I have natal Mercury at 20 Aries, so am looking forward to a good day for writing and speaking with others; perhaps with Saturn square this position, I will write about these conflicting situations that is if there are no problems with my own communication networks at the time!

Very complex. The squares speak about profound differences in motivations for communications and the making of political and economic decisions or decrees. The trine between Mercury and Jupiter on a personal level can be great for education or travel depending if degrees of the fiery signs are strong and positive in your natal chart. Make sure if these degrees in Aries are involved that personal responsibilities are well defined before expansive decisions or movements are made. There will be a need to blend Saturn in Capricorn contraction, responsibility with Jupiter in Sagittarius expansion, opportunity.

The challenge is to be focused in your purpose. Not my favorite combination of planets, signs, and aspects. If configured strongly to your natal chart, challenges in relationship are likely especially where finances are concerned as well as the focus of power in a relationship which is often one and the same. The trouble spot is the house where Venus is transiting and the tension will be expressed through the house that Saturn and Pluto transit. On the world scene, this combination of planetary aspects just augments the political and economic tensions taking place this month, ones I have already been describing.

Maybe, just maybe some Plutocrat or group of Plutocrats will suggest something helpful—this natal Jupiter trine the Sun astrologer can be optimistic! Positions in Taurus in these degrees may also be benefit. These degrees in Capricorn however are much more complex to interpret as they are part of a year-long station and involve some pretty hefty life changes, some of which may prove very beneficial in the long term Capricorn often benefits from the long rather than the short term.

May Venus in Aries sextile to Mars in Gemini at 28 degrees of these signs. Taken on its own, this is a lovely combination for taking a nice walk with someone whom you fancy. A rather light touch to a rather heavy month! May Venus finally comes home to a comfortable spot in the zodiac as she enters 0 Taurus and remains in this, her own sign until June 8 th. Mars in Cancer unlike Mars in Aries, is recused therefore from a more thrilling life experience. In Cancer, he also stimulates the solar plexus which often impels people to act on emotion without consulting the mind.

This may also be a positive day for such individuals to make a short journey for business purposes. Wesak is the holiest day of the year for most Buddhists as it is believed that the Lord Buddha was born, reached Enlightenment, and died all on this Full Moon. Briefly and with due respect, the theme of Wesak has to do with detachment from and the death of Scorpio form Taurus. This process is one of the primary Teachings in Buddhism. Eventually the total release from karma leads to pure bliss.

Mercury trine Pluto in the earthy signs can certainly give profound insights into the nature of form while Venus conjunct Uranus can help us to share and enjoy form with a special group of friends. It may also bring some insights into new social purposes for the right use of the material life. Greetings everyone. From an astronomical perspective a blue moon is defined as two full moons taking place within the span of a single calendar month. We are thus looking in a very collective sense at the nature of human relationships. What they are saying to you, the personal messages that they hold for you depends on which houses in your natal chart they fall and if they are touching another planet or major point in your natal chart.

This will have a lot to do with tensions squares between commercial Taurus and political groups Aquarius. History has shown that Peace the heart is quite a bit more difficult to achieve and maintain than is conflict and the territorial nature of the solar plexus , which is much easier to ignite and then ignite again. Astrology students, please contemplate that Venus is exalted in Pisces and Mars is in fall in Cancer.

At the moment, a number of countries are on Daylight Savings Time while many nations are not. If you need to know the time difference between GMT and your current, local time zone, just ask this question of your search engine. March Sun enters Aries at Wow as in Wow! But to me the dominating aspect is Venus ruling the Moon in Libra square Mars ruling the opposing Sun in Aries and I feel that the dynamic of disharmony may well dominate these days and much of this astrological month for that matter.

On a personal level, degrees of Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn as well as 22 to 24 degrees of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius are sensitive during these opening three days of the month. March 23 to April 4: Mercury conjunct Neptune at 16 to 18 degrees of Pisces; Mercury goes direct at On the mundane level will issues concerning the oceans, fishing, oil, and wet weather be prominent in the news? Well it is only logical to think so! If you happen to have your natal Mercury at these degrees, you should keep a notebook or drawing pad handy as there is apt to be a lot of inspiration at best or confused thinking at worst.

This wavy current can be quite helpful however to artists, actors, and dreamers. Bookkeepers and accountants will not appreciate this transit so much! My calendric birthday is on March 28 th, but I am happy to say the Mercury will be direct in my solar return chart on March 29 th and conjunct my natal Venus…hmmm…sounds like a sweet and friendly 75th birthday party!

I will be celebrating it in Beijing along with a number of new Chinese students and friends and a few others from other countries! Some people enjoy Mercury retrograde in their natal map as it does give a tendency for introspection and research. But this natal Mercury in Aries man with a Gemini Moon prefers direct communication! This is a very pleasant combination, one that is very good for social activities with friends. It is also great for browsing for unusual items in antique shops and flea markets.

If these degrees touch your natal Venus or Moon in Pisces, Taurus, or Capricorn, you may find something quite unique and wonderful. As this is the month of Aries, the position of Mars is quite important. Its passage into Gemini means especially for children of the Ram as well as those of the Scorpion , the urge to travel about will be on the agenda. April 2: Mercury direct exactly conjunct Neptune at New Moons indicate the beginning of the lunar cycle and thus it is also a good time to initiate projects.

This would be especially the case now that Mercury is direct, and the luminaries are both in the sign of new beginnings—Aries. Look to the house where 15 Aries falls in your natal chart and this will give you a direct answer to where in your life such new adventures or enterprises are likely to be initiated. Mercury and Saturn when in sextile or trine are very compatible as they are both mental planets. This is thus a good time for looking at hidden clues Mercury in Pisces for making advances in career and other practical facets of life Saturn in Capricorn.

This would of course be especially true if your natal chart featured degrees of Capricorn, Taurus, and Scorpio. April 9 to Jupiter retrograde on the 9 th ; Sun square Saturn on the 9 th to the 11 th , Pluto conjunct the south node; Sun square Pluto and the north and south nodes; Mercury sextile Pluto on 10 th th ; Sun trine Jupiter on the 12 th th. Taking them together I would say that there is much chaos in the world during these five days. Meetings are likely to take place to sort out these difficulties Mercury sextile Pluto ; many will be international in scope Sun trine Jupiter.

April 9: Jupiter turns retrograde at Action should be taken only when there is a correct assessment of boundaries and true capacities, otherwise failure or at the very least, blockages may occur. On a more personal level, look to see if these degrees affect your horoscope in these two signs as well as in Cancer and Libra.

Those of us fortunate to have degrees of Pisces, Capricorn, Scorpio, or Taurus prominent in our natal chart just may find a financial boost or bonus in our lives during this time. The Fish swim strongly this month, but the currents are crossed. On March 23 rd of that year there will be an exact conjunct of the Sun and Neptune at 23 Pisces with Jupiter at 17 degrees of that sign, BUT on April 12, , Jupiter and Neptune will once again conjoin this time at 24 Pisces.

But in , Saturn is still in Capricorn and definition, structure, and practical purpose are traits that strongly color the year. There is thus the orientation in that the ideal must be balanced with the real, the devotional with the pragmatic, the dream and vision with correct action and its implementation. The month of Pisces, will embody these conflicting or complementary qualities. It all depends on how you play out this celestial dance on earth. Or—just through back a cold one, have a puff, and enjoy the chaos! Here is my take on the major transits for this astrological month.

Please note that all dates and times are give out in GMT as my welcomed readers live all over the world some are even thinking about getting a condo in either Greenland or Antarctica as it is getting rather tropical in those areas these days and Iceland is being overrun by tourists in sun glasses! February Full Moon at The answer to this question may prove beneficial to explore in activities described by the two houses of your natal chart where these two degrees are found. Should 20 to 22 of the mutable signs be of importance to you, this may not be the best day to buy tickets for a trip, sign up for a workshop or webinar, or involve yourself in legal matters.

In general, this is a day in which there is apt to be some chaos or confusion at airports or other transportation hubs and services. The sextile between Mercury and Venus is excellent for communication, sharing, partnership, and contracts while Venus conjunct Pluto in Capricorn can bode very well for commercial ventures or rewards.

A good time to say what you feel to the people who need to hear it. If these degrees fall in a positive place in your own chart, this trine may give inspiration for some form of writing or speaking that comes from deep within and seeks a more public exit. The sextiles between these two planets bode very well for making friendships and agreements.

If we carefully note the two signs, these indications may extend into behind the scenes Pisces financial negotiations Capricorn. Of course, like any positive human being, one hopes that these aspects may help the incredibly polarized state of world politics especially these days in the USA, EU, and the UK. One can only hope…But on a more personal level, if you have the last 10 degrees of Taurus, Capricorn, or Pisces in prominent placements in your natal chart, you should benefit nicely from these sextiles—all of them including the one between the Sun and Mars.

The latter gives and promotes vital energy, even in these gentle signs Pisces and Taurus. So should 7 to 10 degrees of Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, or Pisces be strong in your natal chart, Mars and the Sun will augment that strength, giving a nice push forward to those signs who usually need a bit of encouragement to act assertively. See below for Venus square Uranus. The Sun and Mars continue their positive relationship for another day, please see above for details 9 to 12 degrees of Taurus, Capricorn, Cancer, and Pisces receive the most benefits from this sextile.

While Venus transits through Aquarius March 1 through 26 , friendships and social activities with groups in general are featured. March 5: Mercury turns retrograde at Mercury goes direct at Advice: review, revise, repair, and renew. Hmmm…sounds as if I should go over my notes for my Chinese seminars very carefully before presenting them!

March 6: New Moon at Those places prone to rain and snow at this time of year will certainly have huge downpours and so will even some places who usually do not get rain or snow at this time of year. Look out for a lot of tears, and an upsurge in emotions in general. Anyway, those of us who take our Path seriously with aspiring hearts and firmly planted planetary feet, should find this a New Moon of incredible inspiration and Grace. I would note when There are some great gifts awaiting those who listen for and to the Voice in the Silence.

Keep cool and drink plenty of water! This is a great aspect for organizing chaos, i. Hoarders take note! Investigating hidden nooks and crannies whether in our pantries or psyches could reveal some treasures—as always pay especial attention to where these degrees of these signs fall in your horoscope and to which other planets or points they touch. On the level of personality both individually and collective , this brings about massive exaggeration of religious and political belief systems in many nations, the religious and the political have become one, i.

On the level of the Soul, it gives a lot of opportunity for service helping out a lot of very confused people! Sun sextile Pluto is very energizing and can be a good stimulus for the right use of will and power, especially where compassion is required. Should 20 to 23 of the fixed signs be of importance to you, there is likely to be some social pressure surrounding you. Mars trine Pluto can be very fortunate for Taurus, Capricorn and especially Virgo at 21 to 23 degrees of these signs; placements in Pisces at these degrees will also benefit.

Good fortune in terms of positive financial or business improvement and opportunities may result to those of us with Venus, Jupiter, or the rulers of the 2 nd , 8 th , or 10 th houses involves in this transit. Warm greetings to you all. But if you would like to skip my current perspectives and feelings on things current, then just scroll down now to where you will find my astrological interpretations for the month ahead. Hold on, dear friends! The collective chaos is visibly palpable in the USA, UK, and France and rising to the surface in many other countries of the world.

The crises inherent in this personal, national, and international egocentricity and narcissism definitely not limited to POTUS, but certainly personified by him are still in the process of becoming. Events will increase in their quality of instability and polarization. I am looking to the end of and January of exact conjunct of Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn to bring culmination to some of the current insanity and seed a new focus of improved social order, as anything less will invoke even greater un civil chaos. Therefore—what an incredible opportunity we have to bring centering and love into our own life and by so doing, radiate this out into our homes and communities!

Well, I see very little choice in the matter. So whatever commitment you have to community—commit more of yourself. Whatever time you spend in prayer and meditation, spend a bit more time and most importantly, become more focused in your Will-to-Good. Whatever service work you do, expand that service and connect with other men and women of Goodwill in the process.

Whatever subject of Higher Learning calls to you, answer that call with greater effort. Welcome to the Real Age! This is Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn time! We must learn how to accelerate our Path to Light, Love, and Goodness through very practical dynamics, commitments, and awareness of boundaries.

These three Qualities Light, Love, Goodness are also palpable and there are definite Ways to earn and express them. Please note that all days and times given are in GMT.

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Such dynamics of addiction and the events and circumstances surrounding these illnesses, are testaments to the decadence and fall of the moral structure of a civilization. The upside to these Jupiter-Venus-Neptune aspects is the possibility for the development of greater faith, deeper spiritual devotion, and creative inspiration in terms of music and the arts.

During these days, we plan to be working on the creation of new fish ponds at home Would you believe it? Gotta love that astrology! This aspect makes for confusion in terms of travel and communications in general. This is a very favorable aspect for adventures in both travel and learning. It is a planetary combination that if in positive aspect to your natal Ascendant, Midheaven, Sun, Mars, or Jupiter i.

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On a personal level, having important natal positions at degrees of Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, or Scorpio, are especially beneficial in this respect. January 28 to Sun conjunct Mercury at 7 to 12 degrees of Aquarius. These days can be quite beneficial for those working in social media, computer technology and other related fields, if they have 7 to 12 degrees of Gemini, Libra, Aquarius, Aries, or Sagittarius prominent in their natal chart. In general, this combination of the Sun and Mercury aid in the distribution and dissemination of information as well as in the process of social networking.

A lot of people will be on their phones and I-Pads these days!! Did you know that in Singapore, they have begun to introduce traffic indications on pavement curbs as so many people were getting into accidents crossing the streets while looking at their not-so-smart phones? There will be more than the usual collective tension in the air as forces of innovation and personal self-assertion Mars in Aries come up against forces of established power systems and the authority of prevailing social order Pluto in Capricorn. If you have important positions at these degrees in the cardinal signs, it is definitely not a good day to ask your boss for a raise or to try to take over his or her place in your company, for that matter!

This would be especially the case for all people who have these degrees prominent in their chart in Aries, Leo, Sagittarius, and Aquarius. As you can see from all the above paragraphs surrounding January 27 to February 3, this is a rather complex 8 days on planet Earth! On February 4, there is a New Moon and a new monthly cycle begins, ending a moment before the New Moon at As will be pointed out in the remaining paragraphs of this section of Celestial Happenings , the last two weeks of this Aquarius month should be relatively lighter and easier than the first two.

At the New Moon of each month it is a good idea to focus on plans and projects that one would like to achieve. As the sign is Aquarius, the area of aspiration that would be most in tune with this sign would be ways and means to network with others for the common good. What a great time for personal reflection!

These are excellent energies for writing and sharing with groups of friends and associates on line or in person! You may be facing new challenges and embrace them fully. Your work is your priority so try to focus on your work. If you are in a relationship, then you take care of your loved ones and entertain with some romantic outing. Go for a short trip to make yourself feel special. You are busy the entire day and will be excited that many of your ideas are taking shape. Your love life will be in an interesting phase.

Give some time and attention to it. Sign only after proper consultation on all legal and financial documents today. You will have challenges in managing your finances. Your loved ones will be supportive of you and you will have a good personal life. Your loved ones are your source of inspiration and you take control of emotions which will be on roller coaster state. Do not take a hasty decision with matters relating to finance and investments.

Take a calm and calculated approach. You will find some exciting opportunity knocking your door step. Try to be careful in investing further in your business today. You need to take a calculated risk and take proper due diligence before investing further. Your near and dear ones will seek your attention and will feel you need to spend more of your time on work-related matters. Try to do a balancing act though you may find tough today to do the same. You may find it tough to handle your loved ones and may not be able to explain your current financial situation.

Be balanced in your professional and personal life and address issues and opportunities in a logical and structured manner. You will find solace through your children and family. Force yourself to divert attention to spend time your loved ones which will help you relax on the professional front. You will busy involved in some creative activity and indulge in some romantic liaisons. Your creative space may be put to test and express yourself freely and you will be surprised for the rewards waiting for you.

Copies of the book are available at the Info Desk. Listen to the Silence [] by Marcia Muller When Sharon McCone learns she had been adopted, the San Francisco private detective begins a search for her birth parents that takes her deep into Native American culture in the Flathead Reservation in Montana, which reignites old hatreds and fuels new violence. Discussion moderated by Carole Shmurak, author of the Susan Lombardi mysteries. All Years My Registrations. Tuesday November 12, Literacy Volunteers. Passport Pals: Russia. Travel to a new country without ever leaving the library! LED Zodiac Art.

Handwork Studio. Vinyl Decorated Aprons. Wednesday November 13, Story Walk Choate. Homework Help. Location: Children's Room. Computer Tutoring. Tech Takeover: Makedo Cardboard Construction. No Registration Required. Poets on Poetry: Sylvia Plath. Knitting for Beginners. Thursday November 14, Using Your Library Card Online. There are 2 spaces available. Teen Cuisine: Magic Bars. A Celebration of the Oral Tradition. Talking TED. There is 1 space available. Saturday November 16, Lego Club. Grades K No registration is required, but is encouraged for a reminder email.

Wallingford Writers Community. Celebrating Writers, One Story at a Time Join the Wallingford Writers Community and discover how the fellowship of other writers can help you pursue your writing goals! Monday November 18, Memory Wire Bracelets. Creative Writing for Teens. There are many spaces available. Tuesday November 19, Introduction to Lynda. Knit WPL. Arm Knit Infinity Scarves.

Wednesday November 20, Open Sew. Learn to Play Dungeons and Dragons. Welcome to a world of high fantasy, high stakes, and high adventure- it's Dungeons and Dragons! Open to all entering grades Session 2 of 2 Get started with your first knitting project by learning how to do a knit and a purl stitch in this two-part program. Thursday November 21, Congo is a dangerous place, even for people who are trying to do good. Thursday Night Book Club. Friday November 22, Friday Night Flicks. Rated PG Saturday November 23, Sensory Story Time.

Monday November 25, There are 3 spaces available. Board of Managers. Tuesday November 26, Wednesday November 27, Thanksgiving - Library Closing at p. Thursday November 28, Thanksgiving - Library Closed. Friday November 29, Saturday November 30, Winter Ornaments. Registration will begin on Saturday, November 16, at AM. Monday December 2, Painted Gift Tags. Registration will begin on Friday, November 22, at AM. Herbs have powerful healing capabilities, whether you need them to: Relieve stress, anxiety, and nervousness Learn lessons from your dreams Keep away bad dreams Make your nights more snug and cozy Join us for herbal enlightenment and hands-on no sewing required creation of your own customized herbal sleep pillow.

Tuesday December 3, Farewell Reception for Amy Humphries. WPL Play Readers. Members of the group select plays and cast roles for members. Laser Cut Snowmen. Wednesday December 4, Gingerbread Houses: 4pm. Registration will begin on Wednesday, November 20, at AM. Gingerbread Houses: 7pm. Crocheting for Beginners. Thursday December 5, Registration will begin on Tuesday, November 19, at PM. Friday December 6, Coding with GirlTech.

Reading Buddies. No registration is required for this drop-in program. Saturday December 7, Chess Club. Registration for a reminder email is encouraged. Edward Leonard's Saturday Sing-Along. How to Self-Publish Your Book. Monday December 9, Music Together. Registration will begin on Monday, November 25, at AM. Santa Takes Flight Plaque. Tuesday December 10, Holiday Shadowboxes. Fill and decorate a shadowbox to create colorful holiday decor. Wednesday December 11, Holiday Card Making. No registration is required. Drop-in anytime during the program. Thursday December 12, Anime Night: Hunter x Hunter.

Friday December 13, Registration will begin on Friday, November 29, at AM. Saturday December 14, Family Story Time. Etsy Artisan Holiday Market. Monday December 16, Holiday Sing Along. Registration will begin on Tuesday, November 19, at AM. Tuesday December 17, Wednesday December 18, Make it Healthy with Marisa: Reindeer Chow. Thursday December 19, Friday December 20, The Peanut Butter Falcon.

Saturday December 21, Tuesday December 24, Christmas Eve - Library Closed. Wednesday December 25, Christmas - Library Closed. Thursday December 26, Crafting Free-For-All. Friday December 27, Teen Gaming: Spaceteam. Tuesday December 31, New Year's Eve - Library Closing at p. New Year's Noon. Registration will begin on Tuesday, December 17, at AM. Wednesday January 1, New Year's Day - Library Closed. Thursday January 2, American Red Cross Blood Drive. Saturday January 4, Registration will begin on Saturday, December 7, at AM.

Monday January 6, Musical Mother Goose. Registration will begin on Monday, December 23, at AM. Tuesday January 7, Registration will begin on Tuesday, December 24, at AM. Itty Bitty Babies. Reading to Rover. Wednesday January 8, Registration will begin on Wednesday, December 25, at AM. Happy Feet. Preschool Story Time. Thursday January 9, Waddling Ones.

Registration will begin on Thursday, December 26, at AM. Sensory Play. Birth - 24 months. Friday January 10, Registration will begin on Friday, December 27, at AM. Kindness Club. Saturday January 11, Monday January 13, Graphic Novel Book Group. Tuesday January 14, Wednesday January 15, Passport Pals: Spain. Thursday January 16, Friday January 17, Saturday January 18, Monday January 20, Tuesday January 21, Wednesday January 22, Registration will begin on Wednesday, January 8, at AM.

Thursday January 23, Friday January 24, Saturday January 25, Saturdays with Sara. Monday January 27, Tuesday January 28, Wednesday January 29, Family Fort Night. Thursday January 30, Friday January 31, Saturday February 1, Silly Sing-Along. Introduction to Babysitting. Open to all ages 10 and up. Monday February 3, Tuesday February 4, Wednesday February 5,