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I was looking for information on him. I was searching stuff on Google groups. I found discussions that he had with others. He says that he is not a professional astrologer, and that he has written a book that provides statistical evidence that the astrological tradition does not conform with reality. He expressed concern about his reputation as a scientist being harmed. He even talked about the possibility of going to court to sue for damages.

He said that he got such effects. He talked about a person tha told lengthy stories to provide evidence that he's a professional astrologer and that it had the effect that one of his papers he recently submitted at the time for publication was rejected on the grounds that he is an astrologer.

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He said that in his book "Astrology:Hope of a Science? Landscheidt illustrates how the world's climate, stock market, ozone levels and many other phenomena move in time with the planetary harmonies of our solar system. His findings, supported by successful forecasts, will be of interest to both the layman and student of practically every area of study. There was no response from Theodor Landscheidt after that.

I was wondering is he an astrologer or is he a scientist. He strongly asserted that he was a scientist and denies being an astrologer. He could have been both an astrologer and scientist, but denied being an astrologer because he cared about his reputation as a scientist being damaged.

I think if there other astrologers who are scientists think that way. Maybe there are some professional astronomers who actually do Astrology,and are afraid to be ostracized by the their scientific colleagues. Astronomer Dr. Percy Seymour wrote a couple of books about a scientific basis for Astrology,and he got a lot of negative criticism from scientists too. I wonder if that even had more of an effect on Dr. Landscheidt's concern about not wanting to be known as an astrologer. Here is the discussion involving Dr.

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To me,it's a highly valid concern. I have a very strong Saturn influence including with Saturn being handle of a bucket as it is the only planet in southern hemisphere and being in one of the Gauquelin sectors which was said to be common in scientists. Astrology skeptics have already given me a hard time in the past and questioned my intelligence and sanity including some that are in the metaphysical fields including magick.

IP: Logged. Posts: From: U. It is all over the French press. Should she be awarded it? And so forth. Tessier's thesis advisor, Michel Maffesoli, is a follower of Max Weber who argues that reason and rationality are simply no substitute for phenomenological views of social institutions. In Tessier's case, for example, her thesis apparently argues that astrology is wrongfully excluded from 'official' science based on this sort of rationalist viewpoint. The idea hammered home from beginning to end of the document is that astrology is the victim of domination.

That science, which is renamed 'official science' or 'monolithic thought,' oppresses sociology. I personally consider this defense a blow to our discipline and an insult to those who do their work properly. It's not an accident that Elizabeth Tessier is using sociology to legitimate astrological discourse. Our discipline is all too often a haven for people who are not rigorous and who are sometimes antirationalist. Theodor Landscheidt March 10, Bremen,German PM I checked out his golden section aspects and geocentric planetary node aspects.

After all, he's the one that came up with them. The Following are Golden Section Aspects. Therefore,I thought it would make sense to use Ruth Brummond's Rulebook. The interpretations include both negative and positive interpretations of both psychological nature and having to do with events Therefore,not all of them will apply to you. Surprising persistence. Stimulating problems. Stimulus in later years. Event in the past. Dealings with technical problems. Unexpected problems.

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Continual tension. Upset in relation to delays. Surprising obstacle. Unexpected departure. Difficult reform. Sudden coldness. Development of or into a woman. Transformation of or due to the wife. Changes of the wife. Glandular functions. Hourly changes. Public development. Readjustment of a nation.

Theodor Landscheidt

Vacillating circumstances. Easing or dissolution of tension. Unexpected dissipation. Supernatural event. Obscure experience. The hereafter. Metaphysical matters. Obscure technology. Stimulus from the immaterial realm. Future or futuristic reforms. Excitement in or about the air.

Energetic flares increased the Sun's ultraviolet radiation by at least 16 percent. Lake bottom cores from the Yukatan Peninsula covering more than 2, years show a similar correlation between recurrent droughts and the Sun's eruptional activity. Energetic solar eruptions do not accumulate around the sunspot maximum. In most cycles they shun the maximum phase and can even occur close to a sunspot minimum. Researchers need to take the sun seriously as a factor in climate change, including warming, droughts, and cold snaps.

Theodor Landscheidt passed away on May 20, Landscheidt was a giant in the field of climatology. This forecast skill, says Landscheidt, solely based on solar cycles, is irreconcilable with the IPCC's allegation that it is unlikely that natural forcing can explain the warming in the latter half of the 20th century. Landscheidt, T. Nachrichten der Olbersgesellschaft , Boulder, Associated University Press, In: Simon, P.

Proceedings of a workshop at Meudon, June Boulder, National Oceanic andAtmospheric Administration, Boulder, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, New York, van Nostrand Reinhold, Climatic Change 12,