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Cancer the Crab is a sign of feelings, home, and the artistic soul. Cancer season is the full flowering of Summer, with dates from June 21st to July 21st. Cancer season is one for summer parties, glistening skin, and splashing in water bodies. But the Crab is also ambitious, like other cardinal signs, and is often tenacious when moving toward its goal. Moods come and go quickly, and the Cancerian is intimate with the waxing and waning -- the Moon in all her phases. Cancer's depth of feeling is palpable, and its impulse is toward emotionally familiar people and places.

Zodiac Signs - Cancer

Cancer is the keeper of the hearth and home, but they're eager to make a mark, too. They move indirectly, sensing the undercurrents, and developing strong ties of loyalty among friends and co-workers.

Cancer is at its most powerful when using the power of emotion to move people and experience meaning. Flowers are moon flowers, night-blooming cereus, cotton, lilies and white roses, daisies, wallflowers, and poppies. Flowers for the Moon garden, like jasmine, stephanotis and tuberose, and the peony. Also, white gardenia, camelia, madonna lily, water lily, ocean pearl, white aster, arctic queen clematis. They are very understanding people, and work well as friends.

They are quick to share and trust, despite their cool exterior, and value honesty in others. They are the one sign in the zodiac that other signs gravitate towards during moments of grief, because of their willingness to listen and ability to understand. The zodiac sign Cancer tends to be quite needy in terms of affection.

Cancer Zodiac Sign

This can lead to the being clingy and overbearing, and can also lead to some dishonesty. People who fall under the sign of Cancer have been known to lie in situations where they believe if will stop someone, either a friend or a partner, from leaving. They have a rather strong fear of abandonment, and they can go to extremes to avoid being left alone. They can also have issues letting go of the past. Being deeply sensitive, they forgive, but they never forget.

Suffering from long ago leaves them with a scar. They can linger and return to that scar time and time again, remembering that pain and reopening the wound.

When they suffer, they tend to do so alone - searching for safety again in the comfort of their own solitude. Anything that is hurtful, insulting, or just reminds them of their insecurities tend to push them back into their shell again. They are sometimes also quite moody - and work hard to avoid letting others know just how sensitive they are.

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They often have a thick armor to penetrate before revealing their true feelings, all in order to protect themselves. They can lash out when in this state, and though it seemingly may come from nowhere, it is usually due to them feeling hurt. Get the Claves Astrologicae, a card astrology oracle deck. Use the zodiac, the planets, the houses and the phases of the moon to guide you. When it comes to love and relationships, those born under the Cancer zodiac sign love and love hard. They do not fall quickly into a relationship, as they need to be sure of themselves before exposing their feelings.

Walking sideways like the crab, they often shy away from direct gestures of interest, rather relying on others to take the cue. Once they do fall in love though, they fall deeply and will take relationships very seriously.

Cancer: Flowers

When it comes to lovers, they are searching for a lover that they can build a comforting home with. They therefore are very committed lovers, and expect their lovers to be the same. Infidelity is one of the worst nightmares of the Cancer zodiac sign.

Cancer Sign Traits Overview

They need to feel loved and appreciated, and will have depressive moods if they feel neglected by their partner. Problems within a relationship may lead to some compulsive lying in order to protect themselves.

Cancer traits - Personality characteristics of cancer star sign

When dating someone under the sign of Cancer, it is important to remember their insecurities, and to forgive small transgressions as they are often rooted in feeling unloved. Reminding them of how much you value them and how needed they are is key to the relationship.

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Friends and family can be a fickle issue with those in the Cancer zodiac sign, simply because they care so much. On the one hand they are loyal and ready to help whenever they are needed, but on the other, they do not like to be overlooked by parents, siblings, or friends. They can feel very wounded by friends moving on naturally or by siblings not wanting to spend time with them. Sharing both our common and diverse perspectives on how we relate to the stars is the gift of International Astrology Day.

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